The return of crystals

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, they are back.

However, this time in a less seventies cult, new age, hippie kind of way. Now, it also seems the fashion and beauty industry are having a moment with the gems.

Last year, German legwear brand Item m6 launched a pair of ‘beauty tights’ –  made from high-tech yarn with particles of ceramic crystals melted into it. According to the brand, the ‘beauty tights’ promise to break down fat cells and beautify the appearance of the skin by the help of the ceramic crystals.

Trend forecaster J. Walter Thompson predicted in their 2016, 100 future trends report that 2017 was expected to see a boom of crystal infused beauty products.

Undoubtedly so, the beginning of this year saw a rise in crystal infused beauty goods including the ‘geode’-inspired nail trend, which allows you to wear your favourite stones with you at all times.

Either worn in your bra, around your neck, in your pocket, as a pair of tights or crushed and infused in your daily facial moisturiser or mask, crystals have been part of human lives for centuries.

From the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to modern-day A-listers including Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid and Miranda Kerr, these gems have been and are still being used for protection and as a tool to create good energy.

Often associated with mystical powers, reiki healer and energy worker Andina Lee, who has been working with crystals for four-and-a-half years believes that the stones simply have healing qualities.

“Crystal power is mainly comprised of earth, electrical, solar (sun) energy, and universal life force energy. The ‘family’ and molecular structure of a particular crystal determines its physical properties,” Lee explains.

Likewise, Zoë Wilson a healer who has been working with crystals her whole life clarifies that scientifically, crystals are made of atoms and minerals, which are composed of energy. “Imagine; every normal rock is just a rock, crystals and gems are these magnificently crafted minerals that need no help in their creation from man,” she said.

As experienced healers, Lee and Wilson believe in the power of crystals, claiming they have restoring, protective and spiritual healing qualities, although, they use them differently.

“I love connecting to spiritual planes and getting in touch with myself when I meditate so I always go for selenite or honey calcite,” Wilson explains.

Lee, however, uses her favourite crystals, which are aura quartz, angelite and herkimer diamonds, for emotional healing work. “Angelite is good to use for angel communication and to tap into the angelic realms. Herkimer diamonds are not actually diamonds but rare quartz crystals only found in Herkimer, Pennsylvania. They help with developing your intuition,” she adds.

With the rise of ‘The Age of Anxiety’ a time in which we currently live, where many are hit by the stress of modern-day life, more people are turning to ‘woo-woo’ wellness. A so-called trend that focuses on yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, crystals and mindfulness. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, practising mindfulness just fifteen minutes a day can reduce stress levels by 30 per cent.

Therefore, it is no surprise to Lee and Wilson that more people are turning to crystals. “The fact that eyes are opening to the power of the natural world is amazing and very much needed. I believe that people are waking up to the holistic healing ways that many of us have known about for centuries; it’s almost like watching the collective world open its third eye,” Wilson said.

Adding to that Lee explains: “Crystals have never been out of style really. We use them every day; your TV is powered by quartz crystals and the street you drive on is made of crushed milky quartz crystals. Crystals have been used for millennia for fashion, healing and deeper awareness.”

Whether you want to start your own little crystal collection for the sake of creating a good ambience in your home or you are just simply interested in the stones, reiki healer Lee advises all beginners to get crystal quartz. “They are inexpensive and they also cover a wide range of needs depending on a person’s unique situation,” she said.

Also recommending quartz alongside amethyst and tigers eye Wilson explained: “The quartz will help with clarity and clearing your mind and body of negative energy. I always say that amethyst is the top coat of beginner crystals, while tigers eye is great for your sacral and root chakra.” She also emphasises how important it is to stay grounded and rooted with yourself.

According to both healers, keeping and cleansing your crystals are the key tricks. Keeping them around the house creates good environment whilst putting them in your bra and keeping them close to you is protecting. With dedicated cleansing processes, which promises to remove all negative energies stored up in the crystals, Lee prefers to cleanse hers with sage, sunlight and love.

“I like to cleanse my crystals under the moonlight and recharge them in the sun. The moon and her wise ways will wash away the negative energy and auras the crystal has absorbed throughout the day while the sun will replenish them,” Wilson explains.

How long crystals will stay ‘trendy’ this time around, no one knows, the question to ask here is if whether they ever did go out of fashion in the first place?


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