Welcome, dear reader, to Afia.

A high-end magazine that aims at acknowledging, celebrating and showcasing black women in the fashion industry, whilst working as a platform where these industry professionals can showcase their work.

The magazine also aims at shedding light on the contemporary black woman and the world around her.

As each issue explores a specific concept, with this issue being the very first, I look at the way in which we come into this world when we are born: as nude/naked human beings.

Therefore, with the birth of Afia this month, the magazine examines nude as a phenomenon. It looks at it from a fashion and beauty perspective and also what it means to the average woman of colour.

The website has the full length of all the shorter pieces and a snippet of the shorter pieces, so please do check the print magazine for the full stories.

Left is there to say, sit back, relax and embark on this journey with us.

Yours truly,

Melanie Valerie Inkoom Larsen

Editor & Founder